Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Whoa! it's been awhile since my last post...bad, bad, bad...been a bit busy with other things lately...

Ohhh man, this morning I was sitting in a lecture, and the guy put up A LOT of notes to copy down. So like, the whole class around me is silently writing them out with frivolous intent. Of course, being the lazy dude I am, I decided to just economise on time and cameraphone it. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off the shutter noise. Needless to say, much dissing from the lecturer ensued...

Well, that's my stupid thing for the year done lol.

Alrighty, enough random things for now and onto the main event. The music.

[Waiting for YOU]

So it isn't the newest song on the block. But damn will it rock your socks off! If you haven't yet heard it, I suggest you do. If you already have, listen to it again. Akira Sudou is probably one of the best female rock singers to appear these past 20-or-so years. In most of her songs, she's got a pretty rugged hard-edge feel to her voice, but when she sings clean, man does it sound smooth.
Waiting for YOU is probably my favourite song of hers, out of the one's I've heard so far. There's like, this feeling of ephemeral emptiness to it, ykno? In a good way. Not that I have any idea what the song's about, but yeah. It's one of those songs you can listen to to burn away the endless summer nights, reminiscing as the world passes you by. Or in my case, in front of a PCscreen at 2 am...

...damn I sound like an old man...
I first heard it as the ending to the anime, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. Although I only saw maybe two or three episodes of the anime, the music hooked me pretty fast (the anime itself was pretty good too, but I never really got a chance to see any more of it). Then I found out that it also features on the album 'As Sekiria', which contains pretty much all of the anime's music (honestly, any anime that can incorporate a fictional band which makes rock music has gotta be good). There's also another version of the song called 'Waiting for YOU (Re-Tracked)' on it too. It's got a pretty trippy tribal mix-ish kind of thing to it, but retains all the greatness of the original. Basically the same song, but with a different feel. Her other songs are your pretty catchy mainstream-with-a-twist songs. My personal next best few are: 'y'know' (the anime's opening), ぶっきらぼうな愛に溺れたい Bukkirabou na Ai ni Oboretai (...somehow this song always reminds me of the colour blue...don't ask...>_>) and あなたの海 anata no umi (this one has the strangest intro to a song, but...you'll see...), Make A Motion (funky-ish rock with a grungy groove?) and トンネルの中の惑星 Tunnel no Naka no Wakusei. Blue Image is also quite a nice rock ballad.

Now begs this one question...What ever happened to Akira Sudou!!??

[Oh, and by the way, the images were found from this fan-site http://interne.to/akira/disco.html]


  1. Loke said...
    akira went MIA?

    never heard of this singer. but if u commented, i will try getting her songs.

    glad the vid made u laugh.

    renaye. http://renaye.nutang.com
    ayafreya said...

    I am an Akira Sudou fan..and yes, she really rocks!!!

    I have all her album (from the BGC2040 that is)..

    I was also wondering what happened to her...you can't find any infos about her in the intarweb..T_T just when i want to know so much about her...

    Anata no Umi~
    Umimo Kou said...
    she really rocks!
    I first listened to her in 2002 (a friend of mine lend me a cd with aroud 12 songs and one of them was Bukkirabou na Ai ni Oboretai)

    the last thing I heard about her was a concert on X'mas at Club Phase and the release of a single called Connection/涙雪(Namidayuki)

    here's the official website: http://www.2dachsrecord.com/akira/index.html#
    Umimo Kou said...
    oh! this concert I talked about was in 2002
    Rob_Chan said...
    Hello ppl, how goes?

    Sudou Akira was featured in a Japanese movie about street racing called 'Shuto Kousoku Trial MAX', and I really love her singing in this movie. I've been searching high and low for her songs, or at least some info about her. This page has given me some indication of her current progress, and if anyone knows what the tile of her song is in the movie (when she sings twice in the same bar in the movie), I would be most appreciative.

    Millhouse said...
    Hey y'all,

    that shuto kusoku max video, i've seen before (on youtube lol)the guy that posted it said the song is called 愛が眠れない" (Love cannot Sleep) apparently, from her pandora album. man its good.


    oh yeah, umino - cheers for the link! :D i haven't been able to find much at all on her previously eh

    and to ayafreya, sorry i didn't reply for so long lol, ive been MIA pretty recently too XD akira sudou needs to release a new album.
    Millhouse said...
    because her music is that good. lol.
    Millhouse said...
    oh btw one last thing.

    this is the latest i've heard from her - akira sudou and eric martin - the face of love - check it out eh! :) its quite different to her BGC2040 and No obligation stuff though

    ayafreya said...

    its me again..haha

    just wanna share some of her songs here..just email me at kawaii_aya2002@yahoo.com

    the list goes:
    waiting for you (re-tracked)
    give and take
    tonneru no naka wakusei
    another face
    anata no umi
    bug list
    make a motion
    blue confusion
    anytime need a friend
    fuyu no kakera
    waiting for you
    bukkirabou na ai ni oboretai

    also, whoever has some of her songs/tracks/albums...please let them share with me T_T

    email me please at kawaii_aya2002@yahoo.com

    thanks so much

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